Winter 2019: Get Smooth, Soft, Pink Lips With These Oils

Cracked lips can ruin your entire look. It is even worse than a bad hair day. Leaving your lips unattended to causes it to look rough and dark. A lot of people make the beauty mistake of taking care of their skin and while ignoring their lips. How to Get Smooth Lips, Soft Lips, Pink Lips?

Your need needs daily moisture and weekly exfoliation. That’s all it needs to be healthy. You also don’t need to look too hard for the perfect moisturizer for your lips. Natural oils work perfectly to keep the lips healthy.

Here are some oils you can apply on your lips to protect them.

Lavender Oil

This oil is famous for having such a calming scent and is a good product to use on the lips. Lavender oil is very effective in healing peeling, cracking and dry lips. It can even heal severe conditions of bleeding lips.

Simply mix two drops of lavender oil in a teaspoon of Moringa oil or jojoba oil. Apply this oil blend on your lips all throughout the day for 3-4 times.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine oil has a unique scent that warms and calms the senses. It also has antiseptic properties that help heal chapped lips and will also plump up your lips for a kissable pout. 

Apply a mixture of jasmine oil and moringa oil on your lips 3-4 times every day. You can also keep it on your lips overnight for deep hydration.

Chamomile Oil

The good thing about chamomile is its anti-inflammatory properties. It also works perfectly in soothing the swelling of chapped lips. Chamomile oil works for moisturizing and healing of dry lips and alleviating the pain on the lips.

Because chamomile oil is mild, you don’t need to use it with any carrier oil if you don’t like mixing. You can use this oil alone. However, if you are the type that loves mixing, you can mix your chamomile oil with moringa oil or shea butter. Apply chamomile oil your lips when it is dry or throughout the day.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a miracle oil. It contains moisturizing and soothing properties. It is great for lip care and skincare. It contains all the nutrients to keep the skin and lip healthy. They can help protect and nourish the lips. 

You can mix coconut oil with essential oils such as lavender, myrrh, carrot seed, and orange. You can mix it with moringa oil to boost its effects. 

Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is famous for its healing properties. It heals anything from chapped lips to dry skin and wrinkled skin. This makes it an ideal oil for treating and protecting the lips. Plus, moringa oil protects the skin from the sun and air pollution.

You can use moringa oil alone or mix it with other oils like olive oil and frankincense oil.

More about Moringa oil here.

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