CBD Oil Benefits For Skin and Hair

In 2018, the America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) legalized Canabidiol oil, trademarked as Epidiolex for treating two serious forms of rare childhood epilepsy. Now available online and in health shops across the world, CBD oil is becoming really popular, even in the beauty industry.

CBD oil is simply CBD and usually other active compounds in a carrier oil. There are different forms of CBD oil, including tinctures, softgel capsules, and under-the-tongue sprays. Some forms of CBD oil can also be applied topically for skin issues in forms of creams and salves.

Why do people use cannabis oil?

People have testified that cannabis oil can be used to treat many health conditions. For example, Medical News Today reports that people use cannabis oil for health conditions ranging from pain to acne and some even say that the oil cures diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

CBD Oil for Skin

Just like other oils, CBD oil is now being used to treat some skin issues and a lot of skincare products manufacturers have started incorporating this ingredient in their products.

CBD Oil can be used for the following skin issues.

CBD Oil for acne

Numerous studies have claimed that CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory properties in it makes it a good ingredient for calming the skin, especially acne-prone skin. Since acne is an inflammatory condition, research suggests that CBD’s soothing properties will help eliminate breakouts and reduce redness.

Surprisingly, recent findings also reports that CBD oil can reduce the production of sebum and stop triggers of acne.

Anti-aging and wrinkles

CBD oil contains antioxidant properties which according to research helps lessen the visible signs of aging on the skin. The anti-aging properties in CBD oil may help visibly diminish skin issues such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and skin dullness.

Skin sensitive

CBD oil is great for sensitive skin because it contains soothing properties. The substantial skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects of CBD oil can help reduce issues related to skin sensitivity, including redness of the skin. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, all skin types are affected by environmental factors and CBD oil’s soothing mechanism can help keep the skin healthy.

CBD Oil for Hair

CBD oil contains all 21 known amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, this is why it has the ability to helps build up collagen and elastin, which are essential to hair strength and even healthy skin. By helping the hair to build protein, CBD oil prevents also breakage and even makes locks look thicker and fuller.

CBD oil is also high in essential fatty acids such as Omegas 3, 6 and 9, so it helps to prevent moisture loss and keep hair well hydrated. Also, one of the amino acids present in CBD Oil, tyrosine, helps to maintain hair color.

CBD oil is worth trying if you want healthy hair and skin. You can try your won homemade hair and skin oil by mixing CBD oil with another powerful oil such as Moringa oil and watch your skin glow as you age.

Using Moringa Oil As Sun Protection

While the sun has its benefits, it can cause damage to your skin, and this isn’t just about sunburn. There are other reasons to protect yourself from the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the major cause of cancer of the skin, and there are two types of UV radiation:

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA). UVA can penetrate glass. Research shows that it may cause early aging and wrinkling of the skin and play a role in causing basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.
  • Ultraviolet B. UVB does not penetrate car windows or other types of glass. UVB radiation is more closely linked with skin cancer and melanoma and it causes sunburn.

Protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation is very important. There are many natural sun protection ingredients that you can use, such as Moringa oil which is known for its skin protection and treatment benefits.

How Moringa Oil Protects You from Sun Damage

Moringa is a superplant is now becoming so popular in the skin and beauty industry, all thanks to its amazingly rich phytonutrients and unique combination of fatty acids. Also, due to the molecular composition of moringa oil, it absorbs into the skin easily, leaving no residue. 

Egyptians knew about the beauty secrets of moringa oil, and being lovers of natural beauty ingredients, they gained by pressing seeds of the moringa tree, and used the oil to preserve their skin. The moringa oil was so honored in Egyptian culture that they were often buried with jars of the oil.

Moringa oil is native to Northern India and is a basic requirement in Ayurvedic skin care. This wonderful oil is good for soothing, smoothing, protecting, and clearing the skin. It is also packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories to heal and protect.

Moringa provides sunscreen

According to a study by the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Moringa can help with sun protection. The study found that moringa oil contains SPF that protects the skin from the sun.

This finding also shows that Moringa oil can be used as a sunscreen agent or added to other sunscreen formulations to enhance its effectiveness.

Moringa is High in Vitamins

Moringa oil is very rich in so many skin nourishing vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E. These skin vitamins work to improve the elasticity of the skin, decreasing the number of fine lines and wrinkles and fighting inflammation. Also, Vitamin C is very popular for its ability to repair damaged skin cells. Because of Moringa oil’s rich vitamin profile, it has an excellent skin healing a

What Makes A Good Natural Skin Care?

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. The average person rubs, lathers, sprays, and slathers about 10 different kinds of skin care products on their body every day. Our skin acts like a sponge and we absorb the chemicals we expose our body to.

Cosmetics and skin care companies and even the FDA have maintained that these chemicals are safe to use and that many of them are in small doses. However, consider that almost every woman wears makeup, perfumes and sprays, and use skin care products every day and now see how a little every day begins to add up.

No one really knows how these chemicals affect us as time goes on or how they react in our bodies when combined. Some chemicals such as phthalates have known dangers. Phthalates are often found in artificial fragrances and are a class of hormone disruptor which has been linked to sperm damage, birth defects, infertility, and feminization of baby boys.

The side effects of these chemicals have caused people to turn to using organic ingredients to make their own skin care products. Ingredients such as shea butter, Moringa oil, olive oil, honey, essential oils, milk, aloe vera, and plant extracts are now being used to formulate cosmetic products. Although natural skincare have been a thing for ages but it became so popular recently. Queen Cleopatra was famous for bathing in milk and rubbing olive oil on her body to enhance her beauty.

How Do You Know If You Are Really Buying a Natural Skincare Product?

There are lots of skincare products in the market that claim to be organic or natural, but how do you know when a product is really natural or safe?

Proven Ingredients

The best natural skin care products are formulated with ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. The right ingredients must be combined to create a product that do the work claimed by the manufacturer. For instance, a moisturizer should contain the ingredients proven to hydrate the skin.

The best natural skin care products are also not stuffed with cheap fillers. The manufacturers know the best ingredients that will give the best results and combine them efficiently. You may pay more for these natural skincare products because they are formulated with higher quality ingredients, which is exactly why they deliver results that other products fail to deliver.

Natural ingredients

Make sure the product you are buying really contains natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. So many of these chemicals are toxic to the human body, and can even cause skin conditions that are worse than the ones you started out with. Stop using the harsh chemicals so that you know what you’re putting on your skin.

Commitment to Research

The best skincare products manufacturers now carry out research into their own markets to make sure they’re providing the best ingredients for their customers. A lot of companies rely on outside research, and that’s very okay as long as they have a strong commitment to updating their research. You should look for products that use the best ingredients available today instead of the best ingredients available 10 years ago.

The best way to pamper you skin is to feed it with skincare products that contain no chemicals at all. Doing this will help you maintain a healthy and younger looking skin.

Use Of Aloe Vera Moringa Gel As After Sun Care

A lot of people learn the importance of using an after sun care the hard way, when a fun day at the beach ends with a frazzled, fiery red skin that is painful instead of a gorgeous tan. After spending your day under the sun, slathering a good sun care product that contains aloe vera and moringa is the best thing to do.

Even if you have not reached the lobster level of sunburn, you still need to apply after sun care. Whether there is an obvious burn or not, the skin goes through defense processes when it is under attack from UV radiation. After sun care should be used every day after any sun exposure.

Using Aloe Vera and Moringa Gel for After sun Care

When it comes to caring for skin issues, Aloe vera and moringa are among the top ingredients for skin protection and repair. Aloe vera is a medicinal plant popularly known for treating burns, wounds, and other skin issues. It has been used for thousands of y

Aloe vera gel, cream, or lotion can be used to calm, moisturize, and repair the skin after exposure to sun or after getting a sunburn. Aloe vera melts into the skin – even the toughest skin, and soothes, hydrates, and repairs it. If you have had a very bad sunburn, applying aloe vera is a perfect way to soothe and heal your skin from the pain and swelling.

Aloe vera gel is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are known to support complex repair mechanism of the skin.

Moringa is also another ingredient making waves in the skincare industry. Moringa extract is loaded with all the vitamins and minerals that repair and protect the skin from any damages, including sun damage, Moringa oil contains an SPF that protects the skin from sun damage and healing properties that treats sun burned skin. It delivers these essential nutrients to the skin to help heal the skin from any damage caused by sub and clears the complexion.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Moringa Gel for Sun Care

The Aloe Vera Moringa Gel supplies the skin with important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to protect and repair the skin. The skin regenerating ingredients of the gel penetrate into the deep skin layers to repair and heal sun burnt skin and also activate the renewal and growth of the cells. With Aloe vera moringa gel, your sun burn heals fast and your skin in clear and smooth. The gel is ideal for sensitive skin.

3 Skincare Ingredients To Watch Out For In 2019

With different natural skincare coming and going at a very fast pace, keeping up with the next big thing can be very difficult. From essential oils to kojic acid and arbutin, different natural ingredients have been hyped on social media as the best thing to happen to everyone’s skin.

While staying ahead of the curve is very important for today’s skincare brands to stand out in the crowded sector, it can be hard to determine which of these ingredients will just be social media hypes and which ones will stay.

These three ingredients are trending right now. According to natural skincare experts, these ingredients work for the skin to heal blemishes and protect the skin. But would they live long or would they end up as another social media hype?


Bakuchiol is a plant based, retinol analogue and does have the negative side effects of retinol. Part of the Vitamin A family, retinol is common ingredient in anti-ageing and anti-acne products. Even though it has many benefits, it can also irritate the skin, thin it and cause pigmentation. It also requires you to wear SPF.

Bakuchiol also boosts collagen and elastin production, but it is photo-stable and better for sensitive skin. Already used by some cosmetic brands, we are confident that Bakuchiol will start trending in 2019 and we will see it in new products to come.


Pumpkin enzymes have been used as a natural and safe exfoliant for a long time. It also improves skin texture and cell turnover. The full potential of this fruit is not yet untapped. Pumpkin has a lot of substances that can soothe, renew, and hydrate the skin.

In 2018, Global facial skincare launches containing the ingredient ‘pumpkin’ (also known as its latin name ‘cucurbita’) rose from 20.7% in 2017 to 26.5% in 2018. Use of pumpkin in skin care will continue to grow as cosmetic brands finally harness the powers of this ingredient.

Pumpkin juice is a great de-puffing agent, and plastic surgery clinics in South Korea use it for their clients after procedures.

Moringa oil

Moringa is popularly known as a superfood and a very potent plant. The oil of this plant is an ideal skincare ingredient because it is similar to the oil your skin produces itself.  Moringa oil helps to balance and nourish all skin types. This oil is being praised as the new wonder oil for skin.

Moringa oil is not a new beauty ingredient as it has been used for centuries for health and beauty. However, it is just beginning to m=gain popularity.  This oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to heal acne, minor skin abrasions; minor cuts and scrapes, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, and sunburn.

When buying your natural skincare product this year, try looking for products that contain one or more of these ingredients. You can also use these natural ingredients in their raw form. You can use moringa oil as your daily moisturizer and after sun care. You can also make a face mask with pumpkin to reap its benefits for the skin.

Digitalisation: the key to reduce poverty and the impact of climate changes in Africa.

Digitisation could change the game for agriculture in Africa. Thats a vital message in a report recently published by an international institution that enriches smallholder American farming in African, Caribbean and Pacific states. The middle for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation targets poverty reduction via modernising smallholder agriculture by fostering innovation and knowledge sharing. Digitisation means everything from providing farming advice through text messaging to interactive voice response. And it covers using drones and satellite systems to inform farmers activities, such as crops and sometimes even plant, and amounts and types of inputs to utilize. Other global organizations have echoed this message. 

These vary from non-governmental organizations such as Solidaridad Network a civil society organization that accelerates sustainable growth to the World Bank. These organizations believe that digital technology can create employment for young individuals in the agricultural sector, encourage economic action, and improve food security. For the last 2 decades, digitisation has steadily altered African farming. All these have included voice messages and SMS expansion advice. This helps farmers obtain info on how to assemble access markets and extension services. Elsewhere on the continent, international organizations help provide precision advice to farmers. An instance is that the CTAs Transforming Africas agriculture: Eyes from the sky, smart techs on the floor project that supports that the use of drones for farming. 

The continents digital agriculture business is growing. The number of farmers subscribing to electronic services has increased by between 40% and 45% annually in the last 3 years. Annual revenues from digitally supported American farming are estimated at about $140 million. Services are provided by a small, but growing number of suppliers some of that are estimated to generate 90 of revenue per consumer annually, partly via service charges. This trend seems set to continue. However the success of digitalisation in farming shouldnt just be evaluated by its economic value. Smallholder farmers, most of whom have access to less than two acres of land, produce more than 80% of the food in sub Saharan Africa. 

African smallholder farmers ultimately will determine the continents digital farming story. Only via collaborations with them, and one of sectors, will the electronic transformation become a success in Africa. Challenges of smallholder African farming – Smallholder farmers face discouraging political, economic, social, cultural, and institutional barriers. They’ve limited access to info, markets, capital, land tenure, and even basic inputs such as fertilisers and seeds. Government policies, and that the influx of foreign land grabbers in several African nations, only worsen the situation. Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Sudan are one of that the hot beds for foreign land deals. Added to these are ecological issues such as soil erosion and a changing climate. And, even when farmers can connect, they might not have sufficient money to access the services. These concerns restrict that the production and profits of farmers and endanger rural development.

Moringa Huile support African Farmers especially smaller ones.

Was kann das Moringa Oel?

Was ist das Besondere an Moringa Öl?

Die Verwendung und der Nutzen von Moringa Öl sind magisch und super vorteilhaft für Haare, Haut und Nägel. Zahlreiche Untersuchungen und Studien belegen, dass dieses Öl sehr reich an wertvollen Nährstoffen wie ungesättigten Fettsäuren ist. Untersuchungen mit reinem Moringa-Öl zeigen einen hohen Gehalt an Ölsäure und Linolsäure zusammen mit anderen Nährstoffen, die so gut für Haut, Haare und Nägel sind. Der Name „Flüssig Gold“ (wie Argan Öl) kann mit der Farbe des Öls Gold übereinstimmen.

Dennoch denken Kosmetikanwender, dass die Entdeckung nicht nur eine Goldkettenverwendung ist, sondern eine Mine, die jeden Tag genauso getragen werden könnte wie eine Goldkette. Moringa Öl kann einen Großteil der Schönheitsprodukte ersetzen. Tragen Sie ein paar Tropfen auf Ihre Haut auf, wie bei jedem anderen und Gesichtswasser, mit reibender Bewegung.

Anti-Aging Eigenschaften von Moringa Öl

Die Verwendung von Moringa-Öl reduziert die Sichtbarkeit von Falten und kann Ihrer Haut ein strahlendes Aussehen verleihen. Öl wird durch den Einfluss von Oxidationsmitteln als Anti-Aging-Produkt hergestellt. Die Verwendung von Moringa Öl verleiht ihm ein weicheres und pralleres Gefühl und stellt die Elastizität der Haut wieder her.

Der beste Weg, Moringa-Öl für die besten Anti-Aging-Effekte anzuwenden, wäre, ein paar Tropfen in Hals und Gesicht vor dem Schlafengehen zu massieren, nachdem Sie Ihre Haut gereinigt haben. Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, es zu nutzen, abhängig von Ihrer Anwendung.

Akne Behandlung

Wo viele Öle und Lotionen die Hautbeschwerden verschlimmern können, beruhigt Moringa-Öl wirklich die betroffene Haut, indem es natürliche Nährstoffe und Feuchtigkeit liefert. Das Auftragen von ein paar Tropfen A Moringa Öl auf eine von Akne betroffene Haut nach der Reinigung und dem Abtupfen stellt sicher, dass essentielle Feuchtigkeit und Nährstoffe die trockene Haut darstellen.

Das sanfte Einreiben und die zweimal tägliche Wiederholung des Prozesses kann helfen, leichte Akne zu beseitigen, zusätzlich zum Ausgleich der fettigen oder trockenen Haut.


Natürliche Öle wie Moringa-Öl oder Argan Öl brauchen eine Weile, um Ergebnisse zu erzielen, aber diese Ergebnisse halten länger. Andere Produkte können Ihnen schnellere und sofortige Ergebnisse liefern, die einige Wochen bis Monate dauern können. Zusätzlich sollten Sie an die negativen Auswirkungen von schnellen Ergebnissen auf Ihre eigene Gesundheit und Schönheit denken. Die Verwendung von Moringa Öl verleiht Ihrer eigenen Schönheit den ewigen, jungen Look, ohne sich um die negativen Auswirkungen sorgen zu müssen. Die Bio-Produkte haben die Tendenz, immer günstiger zu werden.

Moringa oil for cosmetic usage

What’s So Special About Moringa Oil? Moringa Oil usage & benefits are magic and super beneficial for the hair, skin, and nails. Quite a few investigations and studies prove that this oil is very full of valuable nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids. Pure Moringa Oil investigations reveal a high content of Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid along with other nutrients That Are so Good for the Skin, Hair and Nails. The name Liquid Gold may consult with the Oil’s Gold color. 

Nevertheless, cosmetic users think that the discovery is not only as far as a Gold necklace usage, but a mine that might be worn each day as much as a Gold necklace. Moringa Oil can replace a better part of the beauty products. Apply a few drops in your skin as you’d with anybody and face lotion, with rubbing motions. 

Anti Aging Proprieties of Moringa Oil 

The use of Moringa oil reduces the visibility of wrinkles and may give your skin a glow. Oil is made the antiaging item by the oxidant impact. Moringa Oil use leave it feeling softer and plumper and will restore skin elasticity. 

The best way to apply Moringa oil for the most outstanding antiaging effects would be to massage a few drops in your neck and face before bed, after cleansing your skin. There are several ways to utilize it, dependant upon your application 

Acne vulgaris

Where many oils and lotions can aggravate skin ailments, Moringa oil really soothes affected balancing your skin by supplying natural nutrients and humidity. Applying a few drops of A Moringa oil to a skin affected by acne, after cleaning and patting dry, ensures that essential humidity and nutrients will present the dry skin. 

Rubbing in softly and repeating the process twice daily might help clear up mild acne, in addition to balancing the oily or dry skin.


Natural Oils like Moringa oil take a while to give results, however, these results will last longer and only die with the aging factor. Other products may get you faster and instant results, which may last a couple of weeks to a few months. Additionally, you should think of the adverse effects of fast results, on your own health and beauty. Moringa Oil use will give your own beauty the eternal young look without having to worry about the adverse effects. The organic products have a tendency they are a lot cheaper.

Pflanzliche Öle für Haut, Haare und Nägel

Haben Sie sich jemals gefragt, ob Sie auf natürliche Hautpflegeprodukte umsteigen oder weiter auf chemische Produkte setzen möchten? Wenn Sie nach einem oder zwei Gründen suchen, lesen Sie weiter. 

Lassen Sie mich zunächst fragen, ob Sie zwei verschiedene Produkte hätten – ein Naturprodukt und ein Produkt auf chemischer Basis – und beide Produkte sich hinsichtlich ihrer Empfindung und ihrer Ergebnisse sehr ähnlich sind – welches würden Sie wählen? 
Oh, und lassen Sie mich noch etwas zu dieser Gleichung hinzufügen, das chemikalienbasierte Produkt sieht auf Ihrer Haut zunächst vielversprechend aus, ist aber höchstwahrscheinlich auf lange Sicht weder gut für Sie, noch für die Umwelt. Würde sich das jetzt auf Ihren endgültigen Auswahlprozess auswirken? 

Schauen wir uns die einzelnen Kategorien etwas genauer an, damit wir von hier aus eine fundiertere Entscheidung treffen können. 
Verwenden Sie auf Chemikalien basierende Hautpflegeprodukte? 
Im Gegensatz zu natürlichen Hautpflegeprodukten wie Moringa Öl bestehen diese Produkte aus verschiedenen Arten von Chemikalien und synthetischen Inhaltsstoffen. Insbesondere diese Chemikalien sind für Personen mit empfindlicher Haut viel zu abrasiv. 
Infolgedessen wird oft mehr Schaden angerichtet als Nutzen. Außerdem besteht die Gefahr einer vorzeitigen Alterung, wenn Sie kontinuierlich Chemikalien verwenden. In diesen Chemikalien sind giftige Inhaltsstoffe enthalten, die in natürlichen Hautpflegeprodukten nicht enthalten sind. Sie erschöpfen Ihre Haut im Laufe der Zeit und lassen sie durchhängen, da sie ihre natürlichen Fortpflanzungselemente verliert. 
In der Tat können unnatürliche Produkte tatsächlich Akne verursachen. Viele der in unnatürlichen Hautpflegelinien verwendeten chemischen Produkte können Verunreinigungen verursachen. Gängige Inhaltsstoffe wie Mineralöl können freie Radikale anziehen und zu Hautunreinheiten und frühem Altern führen. 

Berücksichtigung von Naturprodukten für die Haut – Natürliche Hautpflegeprodukte werden jetzt aus nicht-künstlichen Inhaltsstoffen wie natürlichen Ölen, Pflanzen (wie Moringa, Shea, Seetang, grünem Tee), Fruchtextrakten und Fruchtsäuren hergestellt. Es ist bekannt, dass diese Produkte die Haut effektiv behandeln und pflegen. Die meisten natürlichen Produkte enthalten starke Antioxidantien, die den Alterungsprozess verlangsamen und eine jünger aussehende Haut erzeugen. 
Hautpflege, die direkt aus der Natur stammt, ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten, Ihre Haut gesund und lebendig zu erhalten. Leider müssen Sie bei der Auswahl eines Produkts berücksichtigen, dass nicht alle natürlichen Hautpflegeprodukte gleich sind. 
Naturproduktformulierungen können von Marke zu Marke stark variieren und viele werden immer noch mit Silikonen hergestellt, die einfach nicht hautfreundlich sind. Der Grund, warum viele Marken mit Silikon hergestellt werden, ist, dass es als Zutat viel billiger ist und eine Lotion oder Creme sich nach dem Auftragen luxuriöser anfühlt. Silikon fühlt sich zwar gut an, bietet aber keinen wirklichen Mehrwert. 
Muss das Produkt 100% natürlich oder biologisch sein? Solange es zu 95% natürlich ist, ist es eine sichere Sache, aber Sie müssen sich die Zutaten ansehen und sicherstellen, dass sie von hoher Qualität sind.

Bei Moringa Huile haben wir rein natürliche Öle aus biologischem Anbau.

Körperpflege: Verwöhnen Sie Ihre Haut mit Körperöl | BUNTE.de

Körperöle eignen sich besonders gut für die Pflege trockener und strapazierter Haut. Sie sind einfach in der Herstellung und können individuell mit zusätzlichen pflegenden Substanzen angereichert werden. | BUNTE.de
— Weiterlesen www.bunte.de/haut/koerperpflege-verwoehnen-sie-ihre-haut-mit-koerperoel-39566.html